Wedding Season

It’s that time of year again; love is in the air and couples are getting hitched. And while weddings are always a blast, many of us struggle with the decision of what to wear. Aside from a white embellished ball gown (or ripped jeans and a t-shirt) there are very few faux-pas outfits. There is no worse feeling as a woman, though, than feeling over or under dressed at an event. Different styles of weddings demand different kinds of dresses; when I am styling women in our shop, I start by asking some basic questions about the wedding they are attending. The following are some of the types of weddings we have styled for, as well as dresses from our store that I would suggest for any of our clients.

Backyard/Outdoor/Beach Weddings
This type of wedding is the most casual, and you can feel free to adorn yourself in any type of dress you feel most comfortable in. Maxis, floral prints, and even rompers are totally acceptable. The most common dresses you will find at this wedding will be light in colour, and usually floral print. You can go for any material, from silk to jersey cotton. It is unlikely you will find guests wearing black.


Semi-formal weddings usually take place in a chapel, and are followed by a reception in a banquet hall. Semi-formal means just that; you aren’t expected to wear a ball gown, but dresses made of jersey cotton, for example, are less appropriate. You will see more solid colours at this wedding, including black. Anyone who tells you black is inappropriate for a wedding, for the record, is dead wrong.


Black Tie
The most formal of weddings, black tie means it’s time to go all out. You will see full length ball gowns, sequins and embellishments at this type of event. Typically, black tie weddings are held at ritzy golf courses and manors. If you aren’t the type of person to dress in a ball gown, don’t stress; there are tons of options out there for you. I personally find these weddings the easiest to style for, as most evening wear gowns are aimed towards formal events. Again, this is a wedding you will be sure to see guests wearing black. Also keep in mind, jewelry and up-done hair will take any dress from semi-formal to formal in an instant.

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